DIY Hexagon Garage Ceiling Light Install

Installing Your Hexagon Garage Lights Using Stainless Steel Wire & Clips

Using your stainless steel wire with sheath and clips is a quick and easy way to cable mount your hexagon lights.

To begin, you will need 1/8 in wire cable. Wire cutter Aluminum sheath and rope clips and fish eye hooks

The process of making your own cable suspension system is quite straightforward.

First, you will need to decide how many anchor points will be used to support that the hexagon grid. At the very least, you should have a cable at each corner and at least two across the middle. You would also benefit from additional cables placed between the midpoint and corner of the hexagon grid, making for a total of 5 anchor points on each of the long sides of the grid..

The short side of the hexagon grid lights can be anchored in a similar fashion, starting from the outer corners of the short side of the hexagonal grid light, measure inward towards the middle and apply at least two equidistant anchor points along the ends of both short sides. This will give you a total of four anchor points on the short side of the grid. And five anchor points on the long side of the grid. 

For additional security, anchor points can be applied halfway between the midpoint and short side and at the middle of the long sides of you hexagon grid.

Once you have determined how many anchor points will be set, the next step would be to measure off your cables...

Start by measuring at least three and a half feet for each of the anchor points. You may use a shorter length of cable. However, 3 ft is a good starting point should you encounter any difficulty with uneven ceiling surfaces such as raised beams or soffits.

Once you've measured off and cut 3ft for each of your anchor points, the next step would be to finish off one of the ends so that it can function as a stop point after passed through the hex- light connecting block.

This can easily be accomplished by using a cable clamp. To do this, you will need to pass the end of the cable through the connecting block and then spend the cable so that it turns back on itself. Essentially creating a loop which is held together by the cable clamp and is too large to pass through the hole in the light bar connector.

Next, you will want to make ready your ceiling anchor points. This can be accomplished by using a fisheye hook or similar. Screw or bolt to anchor into the ceiling.

To do this, start by measuring off your anchor points at each of the corners of the hexagon light grid and then secure the fisheye or similar screw to the ceiling.

After doing this, you will want to raise your assembled hexagon grid to the ceiling and tether the cable which has already been passed through the connecting block to the fish eye hook or similar bolt or screw which matches your anchor point on the ceiling.

This step will require at least two people, want to make the connection between the ceiling and the hexagon light fixture and ceiling and another two support. The hex light grid connections are being made