Hexagon Garage Lights Linkable LED Grid Lighting For Your Ceiling

Shop hexagon LED garage lights for your garage, show room or creative space. Custom grid sizes up to 5000 sf ship within just 1-2 days with delivery in less than 7 days. Call for specialized options 866.845.6605


Hex Grid Lights Specifications

Brand: Hexagon Garage 

Coverage Area: 148 SF - 5,00 0 SF

Installed Size: 15.8 ft x 7.10 ft for standard hexagon lights up to 5000 sf per single grid light

Certifications: CE/ CSA
LED Tube Rating: Class 1
Type: Hexagon Garage Light
Color Temperature: 6500K
Watts: 534/ Standard Fixture
Lumens: 66,000 - 200,000+
Mounting Position: Ceiling / Wall/ cable
Water Protection: IP64
Model Number: Hex HG
Working Lifetime:: 60,000


Upgraded Hexagon Garage LED Light Kit With Border.

HG Series features (2) pin connectors with integrated wire connection for easy assembly.

HG1 Series (3) Pin Model Available

Get superior lighting for your garage and or creative workspace .

Hex garage lights are the ultimate in lighting your space.

The assembled size is 15.8 ft x 7.10 ft. and the kits all include a rectangular border.

The design allows owners to evenly spread light throughout their garage, showroom and or workspace.

The unique design presents a lighting solution that's not only useful when working on your vehicle but are also beautiful to look at.

In fact, Hex Garage Lights have become the number one choice for displaying fine cars, planes and many creative work spaces.

Powering Up Your Grid Lights

Input Voltage(V): AC110-240V
Connections: (2) / Standard Lighting grid and Peremeter trim

Hex Light Grid Installation

Our prefab kits come with all the connectors and fasteners required to complete assembly. Kits also include pre finished wired connections for powering up your installation.

Hexagon Garage Lights Installation requirements: 

Electrical pliers, threaded wire caps and or electrical tape, Phillips head screwdriver and or power drill, tape measure.Please be sure to locate your installation next to a power supply.*Standard 110V required to power * Perimeter rectangle requires power connection.

Get Your Shine On!

You worked hard for your dream car now let's show it off!

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