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Hexagon Garage

Dimmable Hexagon Garage Lights

Dimmable Hexagon Garage Lights

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Loved by homeowners & top brands including SPACEX - MTX - WILLIAMS COMFORT - TOYOTA TRD


Dimmable Hexagon Garage Lights

  • (3) Phase Dimming
  • Integrated Wire Connection
  • Class 1 Rated LED
  • CE/ ROHS Certification/ UL Pending
  • IP64 Water Protection 
  • 66,000-1,000,000+ Lumens
  • SMD550 LED Chip
  • Shadow-less Illumination
  • Lightweight Aluminum & PVC

 Made for Optimal Lighting

Create the perfect lighting scenario for your home garage, auto care center, gym, office or retail space with our dimmable hex lights. 

Our hexagon garage lights will light your space with style, efficiency and offer 3 levels of light.


100% to 60% to 30% Preview

(3) STAGE Dimming 30% - 60% - 100%

The adjustable dimming feature makes it easy to control the brightness of the lights providing a wider range of lighting options for a variety of applications.

Hex Garage light Build

Aluminum light bars and high-grade LEDs make up each HG1-D series hexagon light, optimizing light production. The single bay 7.8 x 15.7 grid will produce 66,000 lumens while custom sizes can generate over 2,000,000 lumens.

Regulated by a SMD 5050 smart LED chip, these lights generate a brilliant light without flickering or variation.

Easily installable with a standard 100-240V connection, our hexagonal lights can be hardwired to either a switch or an outlet, and can be mounted either directly to the ceiling or suspended with a cable using the included molded connectors with integrated mounting holes.

The standard HG1D series hex grid light is 15.8 ft x 7.10 ft. in dimension, including a rectangular border for completing the installation. For larger hex grid lights, an outer frame light can be added. The HG1-D grid lights are designed to uniformly light up a space, making them a popular choice for garages, shops, showrooms, and creative workspaces.

Integrated power Connector

Features deep-socked plug-in connector at one end and unfinished end 

Ships with everything you need to assemble & power your grid

Our hexagon garage lighting grids ship with all the connectors and fasteners required to completely assemble your ceiling grid as well as a integrated wire connection for powering up your hex lights.

Quick plug & play installation

Installation time ranges from 1 to 4 hours for grids up to 30ft x 40ft, possibly more depending on the installer's level of expertise and familiarity.

Technical Specs:

The Hexagon Garage shop light features 3000k-6500K color temperature, 66,000 to 2,000,000+ lumens. Features 180° beam angle.

Suitable for ceiling, wall, or cable mounting,

Offers IP64 water protection and has a working lifetime of 50,000 to 60,000 hours, (13.2 years at 12/ day).

Constructed of aluminum and PC cover, it's 100-240V compatible, 20mm wide, and boasts 110-120lm/W.

(48) month warranty adds extra peace of mind to this reliable choice.

Dimensions: H 1.5 inch / W .75inch / L 1.5ft, 2ft, 4ft

Manual and schematic included with every hex grid kit

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