Hexagon lighting

Are Hexagon garage lights easy to install?

Hexagon Lights are really quite easy to install

The initial thought seems daunting however, there are only two connector types which must be applied to the grid.

Hex Lights Connector Types

The two-way connectors which close off the outer edges of the hexagons and the freeway connectors, which are used to join the hexagon's to hexagons. It's really as easy as one two three.. ultimately, the most important part of the installation is establishing two perpendicular guidelines as there is really no way to assemble the grid incorrectly however, it's quite easy to find yourself going sideways if you do not start perfectly straight with the first run of hexagons.

Can I Install Hex Lights Myself

Most grids can be installed by a single installer, however , for the larger grids, it is recommended that you have at least two people as this will accelerate the process. Once you've got the grid sections assembled, all that's left to do is to mount it to the ceiling. For this part, it is recommended that you assemble a single row of hexagons at a time working your way from one side to the other until the assembly is completely finished.

Mounting Hex Lights

Mounting your grid to the ceiling or other mounting surface can be accomplished with the use of any drywall, screw or similar. With the assembly and installation to the ceiling behind you, all that's left is to power up the grid. Powering up your grid is not very difficult either as it can be connected directly to power lines ranging from 100 volts to 240 volts. Though this part is not overly complicated and is well outlined within the grid manual, it is recommended that you do use a licensed electrician.

What Is The Lifespan Of Hex Lights 

With your lights installed and powered up correctly, you can expect ease of use and superior lighting for up to 60,000 hours. This is not to say that Your lights will all of a sudden quit on you after 60,000 hours but, as they are rated for 50 to 60,000 hours, it would be normal for a few bars to go out. If you're wondering what 50 to 60,000 hours amounts to, this is roughly 13.2 years at 12 hours per day. If within this time or after you find that there are light bars which have failed then replacing them is also quite easy. You only need to loosen the grid from the mounting surface and release the locking pins to swap out the damaged or failed light bar. I should also point out that if a single light bar or multiple goes out that the grid will continue to work as there are multiple points of power on each grid.

How Many Connections Are Needed For Hex Grids

The function of the multiple power points is to one reduce the load on the individual bars and two act as a redundancy, allowing your grid to remain powered and functioning, though one or more bars are out for reasons including damage and or just simply failure. Larger grids will have more than one connection to power while smallest of all possible sections may require just a single connection to power.

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