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Hexagon Garage

Hexagon Garage Lights | 2 Grid Bundle

Hexagon Garage Lights | 2 Grid Bundle

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OEM offered exclusively on our site

Power Rating

532 Watts 63,840 lumens (x2)

Connection method: hardwire switch/ outlet

Power 100v - 240v

Hexagon Garage Lights (2) Bay Grid Bundle 

This limited-time bundle offers two Hexagon Garage Lights with perimeter trim to light up your garage.

(2) grid ultra bright Hex LED ceiling lighting grid bundle.  Provides high performance with low power consumption and operating temperature. Class 1 SMD 5050 Tri-chip LED lights guaranteeing long-lasting, dependable illumination.

Hexagon LED Garage Lights Bundle Specifications 

2x HG8001 Hexagon light Grids + Frame

132,000 lumens (66,000 x 2)

1068 Watts (534 Watts x 2)

Assembled Size 15.8 ft. x 7.8 ft. (x 2)

Ceiling or cable mountable connectors 


  • Our hex lights have 180 degree beam angle allowing for even light disbursement for near shadow-less illumination.
  • Because our factory is the OEM you can be sure you're purchasing the most up to date product available
  • No external transformer or driver required
  • SMD5050 Tri-Chip for smooth and even color generation
  • Operates 100-240V
  • Ships with everything you need to install and power your hex grids

The best hexagon lighting for your garage!

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