Collection: Dimmable Hexagon Garage Lights

Dimmable & Color Changing Hex Lights
Hexagon Garage Lights Dimmable Lighting Grid

Take your lighting to the next level with our 3 phase-dimming hexagon LED garage light. Easily adjust the brightness level between 100%, 60% and 30% or choose from 3000K, 4500k or 6500K with our color temperature changing hex garage lilting.

Create a space you can be proud of and get the perfect light every time, whether for auto care facilities, gym or other large venue, hexagon garage lights will light your space with style, efficiency and near shadow-less light.


100% to 60% Preview




3 Phase dimming 100% | 60% | 30%

Available in 3500k to 6500K Color

Power 100-220V

Available in custom sizes

CCT Temperature Changing Grid
Hexagon Garage CCT Grids
(3) in one change color temperature from 3000k to 4500k and 6500k