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Hexagon garage lights Hex LED ceiling grid

At Hexagon Garage, we specialize in custom fabrication of LED hexagon lighting grids.

Choose from our pre-fabricated hexagon lights or create your own honeycomb shaped LED lighting grid for your garage and or creative workspaces.

Company: Hexagon Garage
License: OEM
Manufacturing Capacity: 50,000 units/ month
Area of sales: LED lighting
Product: HG/ HG1 series DIY Hexagon Garage Lights
Industry: Lighting
Channels: Consumer/ Retailers 
Product Use: Garage/ Showrooms/ Creative Workspace
External Product Certifications: ETL/ CE/ ROHS/ UL/ CSA Submitted
LED lamp classification: Class 1


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MMM Digital LLC, 260 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 261, Fort Lee NJ 07024