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Hexagon Garage

Hexagon Garage Lights 174,000 Lumen 17' x 44'

Hexagon Garage Lights 174,000 Lumen 17' x 44'

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17ft. /44ft. 174,000 Lm Hexagon Lighting Grid 

Lead time: 2-3 days
174,000 Lumen Custom hexagon garage ceiling light
Color Generation: SMD5050 LED Chip
Color: 6500K
Built to specifications:
Grid size:17ft by 44ft
Wattage: 1645 Watts
Voltage: 100V-240V
Lumens watt: 120/ Watts
Lumen output: 197,400

Wired connections: 6

Connection Method: Hardwired switch/ outlet/ plug-in


  • 17x44 Hexagon Grid
  • Integrated fasteners
  • 6 Integrated wire connectors
  • Custom Wiring Schematic
  • Extra parts: (5) light bars; Assorted grid connectors
  • Please note that it is necessary to follow the schematic for installation.

Hex lighting Installation: 

Please be sure to wire your grid according to your custom schematic.

Light bars with arrows must be placed in the designated bold areas on schematic.

Warranty period:

(48) months from date of install

Please supply photos upon completion.

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